10 April 2009

VfM in Bexley

Throughout the last year the London Borough of Bexley continued its finance-led Value for Money (VfM) Programme.The programme comprises a number of ambitious projects which have a dual purpose. 

1. To contain Council Tax rises
2. To provide high performing, customer focussed services.

The programme places great emphasis on ensuring that service delivery standards are not compromised to achieve savings. In fact where possible, through back office re-engineering and pushing resources towards the front line, many services have actually improved. Partnership working has always been high on Bexley’s agenda and work on the Value for Money programme is no exception. For a number of projects within the Value for Money Programme, Bexley has benefited from a Performance Partnership with Northgate Kendric Ash where council officers work together with Northgate Kendric Ash Managers to deliver significant financial efficiencies whilst driving improvements in service delivery for residents. During 2007/08 the partnership delivered savings of £1.63 million and it is expected to deliver £2 million per annum ongoing. The VfM programme is supported by a strong governance structure.

Further information: Mike.ellsmore@bexley.gov.uk

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