23 April 2009

'Generic' headed note paper

Each department of the Council (eg Childrens, School and Families; Adult Care Services; Environment; Finance etc) has official headed paper with the relevant departmental Director's name at the head for official correspondence.  With various transformations and staff changes this headed paper can become obsolete.  A decision has been taken to create 'generic' headed paper to be used cross-departmentally without each director's name on.  This way the paper will not become obsolete due to staffing changes and each department will save on not having to replace old paper with new.

Thanks to Hertfordshire County Council for this example

1 comment:

  1. Where I work we don't use pre printed headed paper at all - it's all templates on Word. If you need to change a name you just do it on the template. That way there is no printing costs at all, apart from the printing out of the letter.