14 April 2009

Efficiency Review of Cemetery Services

Idea: The service as a whole was subject to the Efficiency Review process however it was evident that the service had to respond to the requirements of the HSE Memorial Safety Inspection scheme within existing resources. 

Results: As a newly commissioned piece of work robust process were designed to ensure compliance with HSE requirements.

The review of the current Cemeteries provision identified that the procurement of a software application to record and manage administrative tasks would release 12 hours per week, from the existing Cemeteries Officer to be utilised to support the physical inspection process.

During the current economic downturn additional assistance to complete the inspection process has been secured in the form of Officer time and support by our Building Control service.  14 officer hours have been made available, per week, to provide this support.

The inspection process is yet to commence. 

Leadership: The Parks & Open spaces team identified the need for additional capacity to fulfil the MSI programme as part of the Efficiency review process.

Learning: We learnt that staff have skills which are transferrable and can be utilised across the organisation. 

Further information: Businessefficiency@fenland.gov.uk

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