14 April 2009

Internal Training Courses

Some staff training courses which were previously run by external providers are now carried out internally using the existing skills and training of the personnel staff  It was more efficient to train up one or two members of staff to provide training than to run all the courses with external trainers.

Saving £7,500 

Thanks for this example


  1. Whilst i agree with this in principle, being able to do it in reality has proved somewhat difficult. The area of work i'm in is Social Care l & D, and being able to source staff who can give their time to cascade their knowlege is a complex process, often caseloads and unforseen circumstances mean these "trainers" are unreliable. I would like to see this option as something which makes up part of a job role however meet with restisance at every angle to get anything done about it.

  2. I agree - this is a significant challenge. I think your solution to making it part of a job role (even if that is only temporary) is a good way forward. Another alternative is to have action learning sets - supported and sponsored by senior staff. (A description: http://www.sfeu.ac.uk/actionlearningsets )

    Resistance may come from many quarters of course - people may be unsure of their role, worried about 'presenting', the case for the resource benefit may not have been made convincingly enough and so forth.

    I wish you success with identifying the various sources of resistance and dealing with them one by one!