27 April 2009

Mail & Courier improvements

1) Worcestershire County Council had two courier systems, one serving the education function whilst the second dealt with all other functions. These were amalgamated to create a single system with revised courier runs that : 

  • provided an improved standard of service to some establishments that had previously received only a limited service;
  • retained the existing high level of service received by other establishments;
  • made savings as a result of a courier post being deleted and the number of vehicles used reduced by one. 

2) The introduction of a policy that all post should be sent  2nd class unless there are exceptional circumstances.  This has reduced 1st class postage and resulted in savings. 

3) Mail services at County Hall have recently been reviewed; this has resulted in two separate services being merged to create a corporate service, with associated staff savings.  Further savings have been achieved by making full use of discount mail services offered by Royal Mail. 

Thanks to Worcestershire County Council for these examples.

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