29 April 2009

Remote access in Havering

Our team that supports schools with their finances and information management system has remote access to every school’s admin network. This saves considerable time in visiting the schools to upgrade software, respond to queries and support them in the management of their budget and pupil data. Staff in the teams can “call up” the software module on which there is a query and see exactly what the problem is and talk the caller through the solution.

Using remote access to schools the team has configured installation and upgrade routines to enable school’s MIS software, to be automatically upgraded. All automated upgrades are scheduled to run overnight so there is no ‘down time’.

The same team uses software that allows the secure exchange of data between the local authority and schools. This means that the schools’ budget allocations are provided electronically rather than hard copy by post, and schools’ quarterly monitoring returns are collected for uploading onto the Council’s main accounts. Confidential pupil data/statutory returns and various documents, reports and files are also transferred securely.

Thanks to LB Havering for these examples

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