16 April 2009

What I get excited about...

... is when people at all levels of an organisation are thinking to themselves 

"let's not do things the same as yesterday - le's try something different - that might just make more of a difference"

For me this indicates a level of professionalism, a concern for the public (both as service users and taxpayers) and pride in one's work that thrills me. For many people - and I include myself - work is very important part of my life (along with family, friends, community etc, of course). If this work is humdrum & repetitive, without any change or improvement, I think this damages us as a whole. 

I think we are all responsible for doing what we can to create, to innovate, to improve what we do - because not only is this better for the people we serve - it is also better for us. And if we have a role as a manager / leader - then this responsibility extends to how develop work places that foster this sense of improvement. We owe this to those whom we work for and with.


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