14 April 2009

Multi-functional savings

Blaby District Council have put into place 12 multifunctional devices. These are known as MFD’s. An MFD is in essence what you would normally consider to be a photocopier (upgraded) so that it can be used as a printer and connected to the network. It allows employees to print black and white. The MFD’s are located at various points in the building so that large groups of employees have access to the same MFD. 

The initiative behind this is to remove all of the local network printers in individual offices and encourage the staff to either: 

a) Print less or;

b) Use the MFD. 

The MFD’s are only just being rolled out across the Council but it is likely that the roll out will make us more efficient, due to a reduction in toner costs and the fact that it is cheaper to print an MFD than a local network printer. In addition the new initiative requires less maintenance.

Thanks for this example.

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